Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bradford Revealed?
Bradford Revealed is an exciting new online project that will bring together images of hundreds of objects from all over the Bradford District together with the stories behind them. The objects will be special to the person they belong to, but don’t have to be old or valuable. They just have to mean something important to the person that submits them.

What kind of objects are you looking for?
Any kind of object – from everyday items to things that are quirky and different and objects that are precious and valuable. A teapot, a tava, a photograph, a piece of china, an item of clothing, a piece of jewellery, a picture, a postcard, a piece of furniture, a pet, a building, a tree or a place. We want as many different objects as there are people in Bradford. 

Any kind of object?
You can submit almost anything, but of course, nothing obscene or offensive will be accepted.

Who is organising Bradford Revealed?
Bradford Revealed is organised by Shipley-based 509 Arts in partnership with Bradford Council Museums and Galleries. It is supported by Bradford 2025 as part of their consultation programme.

Who can get involved?
Anyone with any kind of connection to the Bradford District can get involved. You don’t have to live in the area, but you should be able to explain your connection to the District.

What do you mean by the Bradford District?
The Bradford District is huge and as well as the city itself it includes Keighley, Steeton, Silsden, Ilkley, Haworth, Denholme, Addingham, Shipley, Thornton, Allerton, Queensbury, Wyke, Tong, Esholt, Baildon, Bingley, East Morton, Cullingworth, Wilsden and Harden. There are maps of the Bradford District here: bradford district map

How can I get involved?
All you have to do is think of an object that means something special to you, take a photo of it and send it to us at or upload it here, along with a few words that tell us the story of your object. We will ask for a few contact details so that we can get back to you if we need to know more.

Can I use social media to share stories?
You can share your photo and story with us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Tag your post with #bradfordrevealed and #Bradford2025 so we can find it. We may ask you to send a higher resolution image via email.

Do I have to pay?
Absolutely not! This is a fun activity designed so that the people of Bradford District can show all their fabulousness.

Can I get help taking a photo of my object?
We have a short video here that will guide you through the process of taking a good photo of your object.  

Can I get help writing the story of my object?
Write the story of your object in your own words. Don’t worry about punctuation and grammar – we can tidy that up before it goes online. If we need to know more we may get back to you to ask about your object and its story.

Can I be anonymous?
When you submit your object, we will ask you for basic contact details, but these will not be shared with anyone and we will not ask for your address. We will ask how you want to be identified when you make your submission – it could be your full name, just your first name or you can remain anonymous. 

Is there an age limit for submissions?
We welcome submissions from people of all ages, but children under 16 and vulnerable adults will require the permission of a parent, guardian or carer.

Do you have to have access to the internet to get involved?
Not at all – if you know someone who’d like to get involved but doesn’t have access to a digital camera or the internet just let us know and we can help out.

Can my organisation get involved?
If you are a school or college, workplace, voluntary group or local association we are happy to accept your special object or objects. 

What happens to the stories and images after they have been submitted?
Once we receive the photographs and stories of the objects, we review them and they will eventually become part of the online gallery that is Bradford Revealed. If we need to come back to you, someone from the project will make contact. This may be because we would want you to take a new photograph of your object or because we want some more detail for your story.

Our partners Bradford 2025 and Bradford Museums and Galleries may also want to use your photo and story online or in their own promotional materials but will not do so at any point for commercial gain.