Landlines & Watermarks

The People's Fair

Water Works


 A valley-wide creative response to the devastating Calderdale floods of Boxing Day 2015 and the extraordinary community responses that followed.  Commissioned by Calderdale Council and the Community Foundation for Calderdale was the winner of a 2018 Royal Philharmonic Society Award.


Calderland was many months in the making and became an extraordinary collaboration between the 509 Arts team and the communities and organisations of the Calder Valley. Together they demonstrated how a positive and uplifting story can come out of challenging times. Calderland was truly a love letter to the Calder Valley and the award was a brilliant tribute to everyone who worked to make it such a great success.

Water Works
Water Works

Six creative commissions by local artists/arts organisations, which took place in the 6 flood-affected towns, each with community participation at their heart.

The People's Fair - Piece Hall Halifax
The People’s Fair

A two day marketplace and celebration of creativity and community at the £19m-restored Piece Hall in Halifax that featured local businesses, voluntary groups, street theatre and performance and interactive workshops.

Calderland Piece Hall Halifax
Calderland, the people’s opera

An ambitious epic music production featuring a community cast of over 200, that told the story of the valley and its relationship with water in song, dance music and digital image. Also presented in the Piece Hall.

Landlines & Watermarks reached a total audience of 17,041 across 34 public events and performances and involved 1200 participants. Winner of a Royal Philharmonic Society award, the project also featured in a BBC One documentary programme Inside Out.