Crash – the impact of a cycle collision

BikeStory_ColouredBikes-14An occasional limp and high dental premiums are reminders of a crash
In a flash of haste, excessive pace, Paul hit me, ripped me, my leg broken through
I shout, pass out, blank. Yet, it’s him I have to thank for giving my life direction
For the selection of so much of what I’ve become. Maybe I owe him one?
Forgiveness is a precious skill and there’s parts of me hurting still
Afraid of driving, striving for justice for other victims of the many road sins
I had three operations due to complications
Bones that wouldn’t knit forced me to sit and write
I’m bright, I fight with my pen so it’s less likely to happen again
It made me a campaigner, professional complainer, changer of road speeds
It’s because I was bleeding that I now loathe speeding and I believe in strict liability
i.e. that the heaviest vehicle’s to blame unless its driver can clear their name


That collision led to the decision to do yoga as therapy to heal me
And now I show others who suffer how to reduce their back pain
Mr Wadsworth’s to blame for my career, his careering into me largely formed my personality
What would I be without that crash, that lash?
That crash was my life’s turning point, a pivotal moment at 22
Sliding doors to so much more
I stood for election for York’s Council Elections to reduce road danger
Plus increasing anger at local Lib Dems political shams
Their “Wham, Bam Thank you Maam’s” shafting public health
Looking after themself rather than the vulnerable, less able, disabled
Those limping along at the margins dispossessed without the possession, obsession our culture has for cars
Ignores it’s scars and farce of freedom for some
Over 200,000 are road injured each year and I have flashbacks, crashbacks of fear
Because of that event, No I won’t say accident, that incident where Paul didn’t stop in time.
The fault wasn’t mine. He crossed a give way sign, the line between him and me.
That crash eventually brought a stash of cash
I litigated, accumulated, part paid a mortgage and though I’m still outraged
Paul’s to thank for money in the bank, a financial cushion to crash on so I could afford a passion for safety
That crash made me an avid volunteer, author, a seer. I’m so glad that I’m still here!
I might one day forgive, I won’t ever forget that crashing, bashing blow to my head
I carry the scar of a fight with a car and it’s taken me far


And after life’s disasters what doesn’t kill us can will us on, make us strong
Stronger in spirit, longer in tooth.
Look at your own life, isn’t this also your truth?


Anna Semlyen





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April 22, 2014