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Cambridge University Kings CollegeJen: I went to Cambridge University when I was 17, many years ago. Everyone in Cambridge rode bicycles, even the dons including Lady Jeffreys.  Our college groundsman was available for repairs and maintenance if needed and I bought my bike second hand from him. My number was G236.  It had a saddlebag for my lecture notes etc, and it also served as a post box for little notes from David.  In those days most students travelled to and from Cambridge by train, except David who cycled everywhere.


David: I knocked Jen off her bike three times – and this was when we were just getting to know each other. As I remember it, the accidents happened when I was riding on her outside, and if I got close to her to say something then my left pedal coming up hit the underside of her right pedal and threw her off the bike and onto the pavement.


Each time I was heartbroken, once there was some bleeding, and once could have been dangerous as we had just overtaken a stationary vehicle and were not back on the side of the road and Jennifer did not land on the pavement but on the road.


Another reason for my sadness, particularly the third time was I could not buy her a present to say ‘I am really sorry’ for I was a very destitute student much of my time at university. But you have poetic licence, to make it a good yarn. Jen is right to say that I cycled everywhere, for I could not afford the bus or the train.


David and Jen




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January 23, 2014