Missing wheel and missing bike

BikeStory_ColouredBikes-11I moved to Leeds from Bradford 11 years ago and I moved into a student house in an area called East End Park. Because I was studying at Leeds Uni I bought a second-hand bike which was around £66. It was a very good bike. I use to ride between the campus and my place on a weekly basis because sometimes I stayed with my friend who lived on campus at that time.


After I moved to Woodhouse 2 years later, I stopped cycling. I had some fun experiences of cycling at Leeds, but I also had some rough ones. The motorists were not particularly friendly towards the cyclists and the cycling lane was not as well planned as now (even now, some cycling lanes are not well-planned). I just walked and took public transport when possible. I remembered that my back wheel was stolen one night whilst I was staying in campus. I then found out that my bicycle was gone altogether (must be my then landlord who took it). That’s my £66 bike, which had helped me to travel through different parts of Leeds and helped me to do my things and my studies. I miss my bike, sometimes.







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May 26, 2014