Reappearing bike

I was given a brand new royal blue and canary yellow cliff prattbike for my 11th birthday.

I loved that bike and at 18 took it to university in Leicester with me. It was very distinctive with its bright colours and Cliff Pratt written on the frame. However as time went on I used it less and less and left it locked up outside my student flat. I was very sad one day to find that it had gone – disappeared. However a year or two later, walking along the pavement in Loughborough what should I see but a blue and yellow Cliff Pratt bike – it had to be mine! I ran after the bike shouting you are on my bike. The bloke was so surprised that he nearly fell off but stopped, admitted he had taken the bike, his excuse being he thought it was abandoned and handed over the bike. I had many more happy years with my Cliff Pratt bike.






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March 6, 2014